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FOX News
Sep 13, 2012 1:00pm PDT
not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence. >> billions have been spent for us to trust the president on another tired and failed policy. >> as some point you have to knowledge the approach we are taking is not working and try a different approach. the president's attitude has been more of the same. >> we ended up, i think, misdirecting our resources. >> in afghanistan our situation has deteriorated and we had an attack on a u.s. embassy where nine servicemen were killed. >>neil: what do you think? >>guest: well, candidate obama, senator obama, he used hot rhetoric against the president. president bush was filled with resolve and he had the courage to do what he thought was right and he wasn't looking to gain favor at home. he was looking to do the right thing for the united states of america. he had thick skin. president bush was confident, quietly confident in his ability to make tough decisions. he had the courage to make tough decisions. he knew in would be flak. i don't think president obama should be as concerned as he demonstrated he was
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 1:00pm PDT
are failing in iraq. the iranian planes are flying over iraq to deliver arms to bashar al-assad and al qaeda is on the resurgence. in afghanistan we just saw the greatest single attack as far as money is concerned in our base where we lost some $200 million worth of aircraft. we have canceled training and operations with afghans because we don't trust them because of this killing by afghans of americans in uniform. by the way, this was a very, very professional attack they made on the base in afghanistan. in iran, the iranians do not think we are serious. we just criticize israel and tell israel they should not attack iran. in syria, 25,000 people have been massacred and the president of the united states doesn't even speak on their behalf. they believe that america is weak and we are withdrawing. that is what it is all about. >>neil: with the more violence the more the folks are inclined to say, to hell with him. i had ron paul on a couple of days ago and i mentioned to him, you thought it was a good idea to encourage the moderates throughout the middle east, particularly places like libya
FOX News
Sep 3, 2012 1:00pm PDT
as much as i wanted but i went to cuba, and yugoslavia, and iraq to bring the soldiers back. i always took the boy, that is what i do. they have a great sense of social consciousness and people's sensitivity. whether it is one of the boys or daughters, they have an amazing sense of foreign politics. >>neil: i always thing about guys like you in the public spotlight as trailblazers whether people agree or disagree but and this president and his role as a dad, it is hard to juggle all of that. >>guest: you think about the great ballplayers, following that are parents, it is good to have role models, so if there must be pressure, have it be pressure up, not down. >>neil: do you think the ticket is under pressure? that it is dead even in the polls, make therepublicans gout a bounce and maybe the democrats got a bounce it and is dead even but not a place an incumbent wants to be. >>guest: he has had tremendous odds including fighting right to vote the most fundamental of all rights. we are in north carolina, this is the new south, a new south because the manies and civil rights activists were s
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 1:00pm PDT
because of the apologies because obama after victory, ran from iraq and leaving afghanistan, and that is something i agree with, but i am giving you the islamist viewpoint the he has not stood up to iran. to them he just seems very weak. they are actually astute. they are smart. they set up the 9/11 attack, holding back news of the video and contrary to ambassador rice carefully planning the commando attack on our chance -- consulate. >>neil: you think the administration views this as spontaneous and was not a planned, coordinated type of event but that is just dumb. >>guest: i believe this administration will do or say anything to get through the november elections. as a former soldier, i can tell you, this is no way that complex multiphased attack on our embassy in the safe house and the assassination of our ambassador was a spontaneous outburst over the film. the film was a useful tool for this islamist terrorists to get a flash mob in the streets as a distraction but you could not have done this with all
FOX News
Sep 19, 2012 1:00pm PDT
much damage. we hear iraq and iran will pump more. the saudis come out and say, there is icing on the cake. we will give you more oil. at the end of the day, this wreaks of political friendship. >>neil: i was at the convention and they bragged how less we are dependent on the saudi oil. i guess we are now. >>guest: we are not. opec and the saudis make their money from oil. that is their commodity. we kid ourselves if we think they are our friends and want to give us the oil for free or whatever we need. they want to see obama in office. they do not know what romney will bring in. >>neil: they know romney's plan to make us energy dependent could be just a lofty goal but they know what he wants to do. i am sure they would not be a fan of him becoming budget? >>guest: it is a wild car. if romney is in and we get a solid energy policy in the country and exploit our natural gas supplies here and knuckle down and over the next 10 years focus on natural gas, get off the addiction from the foreign oil, these guys are terrified of that. they do not want change. now is no change. now the
FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
election effort in 2004, we were knee-deep in iraq and the war was raging, he was meeting with foreign dick -- dignitaries left and right. >>guest: he was trying to project a united front around the world. i will figure this out. i'm tough on national security. >>neil: but last year, president obama was meeting with a host of people. the year before, a healthy host of people. >>guest: they are not saying it is driven by politics. we are a few weeks from re-election. he is trying to show an image of confidence. in addition to "the view," a camera heard the president talking to a security guard that he must have recognized from a previous u.n. speech saying "still rooting for the jets." he is talking about the u.n. talking about football. we will talk about the green bay and what happened last night. >>neil: maybe he can get on the ref thing. >>reporter: he is taking, look, i don't have a care in the world. cruising to re-election. >>neil: you are here. even with all the traffic with the u.n. thing. things have subsideed. i am keeping a close eye on you. this could be a fake rally. thank you,
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, there was a security lapse here that is unthinkable. i had better security when i was in iraq than it seemed that the ambassador had. why that happened and whether we know, exactly, what his security detail was like, we don't know any of that. i think that the problem is, these things really do take time. you go back to the september 11th attack, we can send f.b.i. agents to florida to check out the flight schools. it was in the united states and we are talking about a place where it is not safe to send an f.b.i. agent. why the f.b.i.? because they do the best forensics. they are best at figuring this stuff out. it is our intelligence and others that put more fact on top of that letting us get to the bottom of this. this is benghazi. you do not just go wandering in with 15 or 20 f.b.i. agent. >>neil: something collapsed but we will find out. you are right, joe. very go to see you. >> i think i know why this guy had to draw pictures for the united nations. a lot them are pretty stupid at the united nations. they can tax your patience especially when they tax your wallet. are you ready ? share
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)